Medico Legal

We offer case managers a child friendly encompassing approach. We can provide case managers with highly skilled physiotherapy assessment and treatments whilst working closely and in collaboration with the child’s rehabilitation team.We can provide the following:

Thorough assessments
Tailored physiotherapy treatment programmes for children and their families
Advice and training for families, carers and other professionals
Evidence-based practice
Reliable and timely medicolegal reports
Case conferences attendance
Packages of care and advise on present and future physiotherapy needs for children with neurological dysfunction
If you are a case manager who would like to find out more about our experience of working with case managers or would like to ask any questions, please contact us!

Case management services for children and adults

Lindsey’s clinical experience as a case manager enables her to manage her cases in a highly professional and proactive manner in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients. 

Lindsey assesses and manages every client and family with a warm, caring manner she focuses on providing a team around the client incorporating family centred care. Lindsey’s skills include: 

Immediate Needs Assessments
Case Management Action Plans and Progress Reports
Understanding of the requirements of the litigation process
Accessing appropriate community services and recreational activities to benefit her clients
Recruitment and management of community care packages
Safeguarding and Risk Assessment
Advocating for clients’ needs